For Sale: 2005 Kawasaki ZG1000-A20 Concours 11,992m Whitefish Bay, WI – $3467 PREFARKLED

Here is a 2005 Kawasaki Concours C10 ZG1000 looking for a new home and owner.

Here is her smiling face! Can’t you see yourself out this summer sport-touring on the cheap and super-fast?!


This comes with her special friend: M.U.T.T.. That’s the monster under the tank. Wherever you and her go, MUTT follows. MUTT gives you just about ONE HUNDRED HORSEPOWER; With the pleasantness and affection of any good mutt.

If you are interested in a Connie, then you already did your home work. So did I. Save yourself some time and money and start here and start riding now!


  • Here is just about everything about her that you should care about
    • Reading this post makes my heart ache a little bit because this bike is so easy to fall in love with! She needs to move on to a new owner though and now is the right time, and good for you!
      • Check out all of the details, and the pictures, and the video and you will fall in love, too!
    • You can ride her anywhere doing everything
      • On the way home you can even ride her around the lakefront and stop at the supermarket because tons of cargo space
      • Daily commutes in Whitefish Bay, WI rock; haul your laptop with ease and tons of space
      • Take an afternoon next-city trip to Madison, WI
      • Carve canyons on it (or the closest thing do them in the Midwest)
        • You will make sport-bike riders jealous and baggers cry how you can ride this bike fast and in comfort
      • Join the IBA and do the Lake Michigan 1000
        • That is just a starter, check out more around the rest of the continent
      • Head Over The Pond (OTP) (OTP Facebook) to really get your feet wet
      • This is do anything and a go anywhere bike
    • 1-up or 2-up, so comfortable
      • Gotta mention this twice: this bike is super comfortable for your passenger
      • Since your passenger is someone you care a lot about it, it results in them
        • Being happier
        • Which results in you being happier
        • See why this super comfortable passenger seat thing is such a big deal?
    • Haul tons of stuff or pop the bags off for a svelte Ninja ZX-10 dueler
      • Antlers are perfect and original side-panels included
    • So easy and inexpensive to maintain
      • This bike looks fast even sitting in a garage
      • GarageFast.jpg
    • If you never owned or worked on a bike before, this bike has tons of resources over at COG and YouTube. The model has a twenty year production run so parts are plentiful and numerous and high-quality. Whether you do the maintenance yourself or with a shop; owning this bikes means that the only thing that you will spend a lot of is your time having fun. will spend
    • Best community ever. If you aren’t a member of a motorcycle club yet, then Concours Owners Group people will teach you about how a community should be. Kind words. Sage advice. Tons of resources. Insanely low membership price. Their motto is “Come for the bike; stay for the people”… and ain’t it true.
    • If you already did your research, then you know that this is the bike that you need to start sport touring this summer
    • If you didn’t already do you research, then read on… all of the details are included below that you need to fall in love with this bike and start sport-touring this summer, and even better: start riding today
  • Make and Model
    • 2005 Kawasaki Concours (ZG1000)
    • Pearl Lustre Beige in perfect condition
    • Mileage: 11,992; this bike is barely broken in, leaving that for you
    • Location: Whitefish Bay, WI, USA; basically located half way to anywhere, so ride her home!
    • 2010_Tank_Rust_Repair-a_resize.jpg
    • The Good
      • Everything; owner is borderline OCD and also likes maintaining things, so again… perfect for you as the new owner
      • Everything functions as expected; perfect operational health
      • Never touched the ground except for the bottom of the tires
    • The Less Good
      • None
    • The Bad
      • Sorry, keep trying; it is ideal
      • Stick your finger in the exhaust; dry and dirty just like it should be
      • Stick a penny in the treads, it will stay just like it should
      • Listen to the sound of that engine, ideal
        • If you never rode a bike before, that is how it is supposed to sound
  • Farkles
  • Maintenance
    • Always Shell Rotella T
    • Dunlop K700/701
      • Front: Barely used replaced two years ago
      • Rear: Stock (from purchase of motorcycle)
    • Third owner; all city miles
    • Southeast Sales
      • Nice folks
    • The Shop
      • Nice folks
      • Tune-ups

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