What To Do When Paper Tape or Band-Aids Pull Your Skin Off

Your skin is sensitive. After every kind of medical procedure ranging from drawing blood to performing surgery your wound is covered using gauze held on by paper tape or some kind of Band-Aid. Eventually the wound heals and now comes the time to remove the tape. Some people are allergic to the glue in the tape. When the tape is removed it can pull off the skin leaving at least a “burn” and a most a deep groove that horribly hurts and takes weeks to heal. Fortunately there is a solution: Mepilex Border Lite Foam Dressings.

They are a like a dream come true. The tape is safe for your skin. It minimizes the pain and skin damage when you change the dressing. Instead of forcing you do keep your body in a single inflexible position so the dressing won’t fall off it is flexible and comfortable. To reiterate it is hypoallergenic so for a lot of you your skin will be safe. Last and most important: when you remove it your skin will remain intact. In other words: it will not pull your skin off.

If you have to deal with things like this then just ask your caregiver to use this as a dressing. Nearly every caregiver has it but they only use it if you ask for it. It costs a tiny bit more for them. Well if you are already there then you are already going to spend a ton of money so why not save your skin? It is beyond worth it. There are a bunch of sizes and at home the 3“x3” and 4“x4” cover just about everying. Everyone needs to know about it.

Tells your family. Tell your friends. Tweet about it. Facebook about it. Everything. It might not sound like a big deal but if you are the one getting your skin pulled off then you will be thrilled about a product like this!

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  1. my husband has a bad wound from the nurse putting tape where he had blood drawn thank you

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