How To Keep Emacs Healthy And Happy on macOS

Here is how to keep Emacs healthy and happy on macOS on my machine.


  • Update macOS daily to get security fixes
  • Update Brew software packages
    • brew update && brew upgrade
    • Emacs 25.2 for example updated on the day of its release
  • Snapshot Emacs’ packages

    cd ~/.emacs.d
    git add .
    git commit -m "Automated versioning"
  • Update Emacs packages
    • Steps
      • list-packages
      • U
      • x
      • package-autoremove
    • If you are worried about breaking your packages then initialize a Git repo in your elpa or even your entire .emacs.d directory before the update and restore the last version
  • Update Org-Mode and Magit
    • Steps
      • cd ~/src/org-mode/ && git ls-remote && make update
      • cd ~/src/magit/ && git ls-remote && git pull && make clean && make
    • Why
      • Get best new features immediately
      • If you don’t like the update then undo the pull: git reset HEAD@{1}

Addendum: <2017-06-07 Wed 16:02>

Only clean the working copy if Git can reach remote repo!

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