Easily Avoid Using The Word Easily In Your Emacs Configuration

My Emacs configuration contains over one hundred uses of the “easy” word form. Lines and lines of code explain how to easily do something. I even put together a package to easily do something. Each begging a question or two.

Why would I ever put something in my configuration to make a task strenuous? Would would I ever write code to make doing things difficult? But it is revealing.

For most of us, configuring Emacs is unlike configuring every other piece of software, ever. Yes we have configured things to make our lives easier. But never before have we configured something specifically to serve us and how we think. For most of us that is a new idea because our only experience has been using pre-packaged software that worked how it’s authors think and don’t let you think any other way than that. Emacs’ does let you think any other way though. That is the new part.

That results in the “easily do such and such” notes not because we are reminding ourselves that we are going to do something easily but rather we are surprised that we can so easily translate how we think in our inner world to a tool that helps make that process easier in our outer world.

And that is how we can easily express that so we don’t need to mention “easily” ever again. Simply act and do knowing that the freedom to use Emacs is freeing in every sense of the word. Thank goodness.

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