(Emacs+Org-Mode) A Hydra To Help Describe

Do you forget how to get help describing things? I always do.

Here is how I remember.

Nearly everything is built in and I like it better than using the built-in help GUI.

(defhydra help/hydra/left/describe (:color blue
                                           :hint nil)
Describe Something: (q to quit)
_a_ all help for everything screen
_b_ bindings
_B_ personal bindings
_c_ char
_C_ coding system
_f_ function
_F_ flycheck checker
_i_ input method
_k_ key briefly
_K_ key
_l_ language environment
_L_ mode lineage
_m_ major mode
_M_ minor mode
_n_ current coding system briefly
_N_ current coding system full
_o_ lighter indicator
_O_ lighter symbol
_p_ package
_P_ text properties
_s_ symbol
_t_ theme
_v_ variable
_w_ where is something defined
  ("b" describe-bindings)
  ("B" describe-personal-keybindings)
  ("C" describe-categories)
  ("c" describe-char)
  ("C" describe-coding-system)
  ("f" describe-function)
  ("F" flycheck-describe-checker)
  ("i" describe-input-method)
  ("K" describe-key)
  ("k" describe-key-briefly)
  ("l" describe-language-environment)
  ("L" help/parent-mode-display)
  ("M" describe-minor-mode)
  ("m" describe-mode)
  ("N" describe-current-coding-system)
  ("n" describe-current-coding-system-briefly)
  ("o" describe-minor-mode-from-indicator)
  ("O" describe-minor-mode-from-symbol)
  ("p" describe-package)
  ("P" describe-text-properties)
  ("q" nil)
  ("a" help)
  ("s" describe-symbol)
  ("t" describe-theme)
  ("v" describe-variable)
  ("w" where-is))
(global-set-key (kbd "M-i") nil)
(global-set-key (kbd "M-i") #'help/hydra/left/describe/body)
(use-package parent-mode
  :ensure t
  (defun help/parent-mode-display ()
    "Display this buffer's mode hierarchy."
    (let ((ls (parent-mode-list major-mode)))
      (princ ls))))
(use-package flycheck
  :ensure t
  :diminish flycheck-mode)

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