(Emacs+Org-Mode) Run Two Copies of Emacs To Provide Multithreading

A couple weeks ago I was working on an analysis program in Elisp. I would write the code, run the results out to a file, study the results, make some changes, and go back to the beginning. Sometimes the code would take ten seconds to run. My fault, it just isn’t written for speed. Still I griped about Emacs’s lack of multitheading because I couldn’t do anything for 10 seconds. Then it hit me: Doh! Just start two copies of Emacs, one to run the code in and another to do everything else in.

Sure, that sounds really bad to say it, but I’ll go on: most computers today run with multiple cores and gigabytes of RAM so it has virtually no impact on your operating system to run two instances. Everybody knows this, but my gut says that this is poor OS management and just a bad way to solve problems. But, my gut still thinks about a world where it was excited to double the RAM on it’s 33MHz computer from 4MB to 8MB.

My gut needs to join modern times considering it runs a copy of macOS inside of VMWare all the day while I do everything else, including using two Emacs instances 😄😮.

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