(Emacs+Org-Mode) Share Links To Emacs Initialization Files With Minimal Effort!

I love reading all kinds of Emacs configuration files ranging for super refined to just starting out. For example caisah has a list of loads of stellar examples. However the only way to get added to that list is for your configuration to be notable. That is a pretty high bar for people just starting out. New people also usually have the freshest ideas though and they challenge the status quo of what we currently consider “the best”. All of those perspectives are valuable so I wanted to create a simple list that can include all of them.

Here it is.

So far I put my favorites in there. Since caisah’s list is so stellar, I would probably import those next. After that I’m most curious about configurations that either don’t use any packages from ELPA, or that were written for old Emacs versions maybe version 23 and below.

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