Sugar went on a diet

In one of the recent builds of Sugar for the OLPC XO, I found that “out of the box” the machine barely has enough memory to run programs. Tonight I installed the most recent operating system version, 8.2.0, and found the amount of free memory to be drastically increased:

Total MB Used MB Free MB
Sugar 8.2.0 230 162 67
Sugar Previous 232 220 12

With 55MB more free memory, I expect this machine to play a lot nicer with its users!
I used

free -m

to get these measurements.

One thought on “Sugar went on a diet”

  1. Check out compcache with a recipe like this:
    if ! `grep -q compcache /etc/rc.local` ; then
    set +e
    this_kernel_rpm=kernel-devel-`uname -r`.i586.rpm
    mkdir $targetdir
    cd $targetdir
    /bin/rm -f ${this_kernel_rpm}*
    rpm -ivh $this_kernel_rpm
    cp -af /boot/* /versions/boot/current/boot/
    tar xzf compcache-0.4.tar.gz
    cd compcache-0.4
    echo “(cd /home/olpc/src/compcache-0.4 ; ./” >> /etc/rc.local
    set -e

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