What is a good OS X Subversion client?

What is a good OS X Subversion client?

Paul recommended this.

With all of the distributed VCSs out there Subversion tends to get shunned these days; but people seem to forget that sometimes dead simple is sometimes more than good enough. Besides, you can use git and bzr with svn just fine.

4 thoughts on “What is a good OS X Subversion client?”

  1. Versions just supports SVN but it’s worth every penny, there’s no better GUI for Mac, not even Cornerstone.
    The only drawback it that i don’t really like the diff tool of Xcode (Filemerge) and other 3rd party options like Araxis Merge are pretty expensive.
    An “in-house” diff tool would be nicer, like smartsvn does.

  2. Second the recommendation for Versions. It’s really very useful, especially when operating on the repository directly. The commands that require URLs as arguments are pretty painful to use with subversion on the command line; having Versions is a significant help there.

  3. If you don’t require serious functionality, then Versions (or Cornerstone) are fine. If you are doing SVN daily, I can recommend to take a look at smartSVN Professional. It supports everything you need out of the box. E.g. no need to mess around with URL just to use branches.

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