Gas tank rust repaired

Somehow I managed to purchase my Connie without noticing a little rust spot on the gas tank. You might say I was blinded by love? Whatever the case, it needed to be repaired.

The spot itself was tiny on the surface; about 3mm wide. Since I knew I could fix it well but not pretty, I figured this was a good chance to practice as I’m going to cover the tank with a tank-bra anyway.
The repair went really well. I scraped off the rust and crud with a razor first and followed it with 1000, 1500, and 2000 wet sand paper until the metal was a mirror like surface. After 2 coats of primer which were sanded down I added the base coat, two layers. The paint was color matched to my bike, but it was really thick; I’m wondering if I should have used thinner. Same goes for the clear coat! Well I am learning, that was part of the goal.
It is repaired now; the metal is protected, and the repair itself looks like it was done by a beginner. It is fine with me, though, as the cost of getting that fixed at a shop would justify getting the whole bike re-painted in one-go anyway.

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