American Motorcyclist Association

A few weeks ago I joined the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).
Heard that their towing package is great, so I signed up for it, though I wish never to use it ;).

2 thoughts on “American Motorcyclist Association”

  1. Grant, your motorcycles are awesome, but did you know that posts about them appear on Planet Scheme ( all the time? In a way, I am ok with it, but maybe it indicates a problem with tagging or something? Shouldn’t non-scheme related posts be filtered out or something?

  2. Vincent:
    Yea, that planet version didn’t like the filtered feed url, but newer ones does.
    In an odd twist, a bug with WP3+ caused me to change the URL format… today. So, I emailed PlanetScheme with that new URL which I am hoping works fine.
    Thanks for the heads up though!

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