How you might implement the exercises

When you work on your exercises, you can leverage DrScheme to make it easier to find particular functions or bits of homework by using the definitions dropdown. I posted on it here:

Here is how I implement exercises. I say implement, because I am concerned here with a coding detail, *not* design recipes.
DrScheme has a nice feature in the top-left side of the window (roughly) called the “definitions dropdown”. Using this dropdown you can see all of the names you’ve got defined in the Interactions area.
So for example if you had entered (define x 10) in the Definitions are then you would see an entry in there that says “x”. You can leverage to make keeping track of your exercises easier. This is what I do, I keep all of my exercises in the same file as long as it makes sense to do so, and as part of that before every exercise I add something like this:
(define 2.3.2 true)
That tells me:
1. What my answer was for the exercise.
2. Whether or not it is finished.
That is how I keep all of my exercises in the same file and still have it make sense since each exercise creates any number of definitions!

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