What Are The Limits Of What This Reality May Teach Us?

I thought that I could find God somewhere in this post [1][2], and other explorations, but in retrospect I was woefully wrong.
I thought that since our universe was created by God, that we could spiritually benefit from understanding it in all of its aspects, but was wrong here, too.
When I pick apart the fundamental natures of our current reality [3]: namely space, time, and causality, the Y Combinator is revealed instead to be, an artifact that *MUST OCCUR*, by definition of this reality, and not something that brings you closer to God per se.
All of the mathematical constants [4] are similarly are as they must be, in this current configuration of reality, because that is in fact their only option, without any implications beyond that.
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2 thoughts on “What Are The Limits Of What This Reality May Teach Us?”

  1. My intensely personal view is of existential nihilism. There is
    structure to the Universe but no meaning. There is no destiny and no
    point to it all. To me, this is the best of all possible worlds,
    because it means that free will really *is*. It means that my
    experiences are exactly mine and unique, and when I die, they vanish,
    never to be experienced again. No one will ever, or can ever, be
    exactly me again. I love that about this universe. Absolutely do I
    love it.
    I think the concept that keeps tripping people up, is that they expect
    that somehow they aren’t a part of the whole thing. It is always:
    man above animals, or man standing against nature, or the universe
    created for man, but the hard reality is that it is not so.
    People try to be closer to God, or some other creator being, because
    they forget they are already inherently a constituent of the universe.
    We are a part of the universe just as the atoms in us were a part of
    supernovas. Existence is common, to us, and we’re the poorer for it.
    The thing I like doing in the universe, the purpose that only I had
    granted and only I am capable of granting, is just reveling in the
    structure of it all. I am forbidden from assigning structure, so instead
    I assign meaning.

    Thank you for sharing that.
    It is self-contained, and I want to follow up on it in the future, in person preferably.

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