org-mode Observations 2014-03-18

org-indent-mode immediately struck me as perfect, but my personal preference
is to limit text width something around 80 columns. Making
org-hide-leading-stars true is the perfect balance.

orgmk seems to simplify org-mode exporting.

org2blog/wp looks very interesting, but manually posting is easy enough for now.

Some users visualize source block delimeters differently. Those visualizations
might be nice to add to pretty-mode.

Andreas posted two ways in babel to store a variable. The example is just nice
to have when you are getting into babel.

There are a few ways to continue code listings in beamer, but this one seems
most simple.

May as well enable markdown export in addition to beamer.

org-enforce-todo-dependencies disallows tree completion flags when incomplete
children exist.

org-plot supports plotting.

The current Clojure namespace is maintained between source blocks now in babel.

CDLaTeX seems like a nice idea to use in org-mode.

org-writers-room looks like a great idea; asked author to post a screenshot.

org-export-exclude-tags allows you to block export of specified sub-trees.

Rainer submitted a patch to prevent R from stomping on session variables.