Bitcoin Core 22.0 Release Note Highlights

Here are the release notes and a few highlights that jumped out at me:

From Bitcoin Core 22.0 onwards, macOS versions earlier than 10.14 are no longer supported.

Bitcoin Core 23.0 will be an excellent excuse to upgrade to Catalina.

Added support for running Bitcoin Core as an I2P (Invisible Internet Project) service

Glad to learn something new.

Release binaries are now produced using the new guix-based build system.

Guix uses declarative system configurations specified and implemented by Guile Scheme making it a specialized and exciting system.

We now support up to 20 keys in multi() and sortedmulti() descriptors under wsh().

It was 16 multisig, buit it was supposed to be 20, and now it is. Great for when you have four more friends.

External signers such as hardware wallets can now be used.

Easing the use of hardware wallets with Bitcoin Core nodes is the best scenario for using Bitcoin. It combines the best of the best (node and hardware wallet) in an easy-to-use package. It is inspiring to see.

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