Research identifies two best Bitcoin hardware wallets Coldcard Mk3 and BitBox02

After spending about fifty hours researching Bitcoin hardware wallets via:

  • Product documentation
  • Twitter feeds
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts
  • Reviews and comparisons
  • Considerations of desired features

My conclusion is that:

BitBox02 provides ease of use for beginners and enough advanced features to keep power users happy. The attitude is of high quality and user convenience managing that divide. Simple is not simplistic: this wallet is elegant and powerful.

Coldcard Mk3 does the same thing with a user interface that some users might find intimidating. It is very much the kind of thing where if you read the super high quality lovingly written documentation and take a few breaths, you would be absolutely fine. However, most people won’t, and I don’t blame them: self-custody is a stressful and mysterious topic. However, if they do, they will be deeply rewarded.

The more I read about this wallet’s features, my mind is blown away and how much value they provide for the cost. Manage your Bitcoin effortlessly and straightforwardly: it is easy. Add accounts; it is easy. Multiple wallets, just as easy. Sign transactions remotely from worldwide: also possible and relatively easy—simply excellent what they provide. Fortunately, you use it however you want, and it includes a Testnet mode so you can safely do all your learning there.

BitBox02 and Coldcard Mk3 were not what I assumed would reach the top of the list. It was difficult to accept, but there is no denying it: they are the best of the best. When it comes to wallets, you must choose your comfort level, but at some point, you will conclude that:

  • Web wallets are convenient and alarmingly unsafe
  • Custodial wallets are convenient and unsafe
  • Desktop wallets are convenient and somewhat unsafe
  • Smartphone wallets are convenient and somewhat safe
  • Hardware wallets are convenient and safe

Do what is comfortable with a clear decision about how you want to manage custody. Have fun. We live in exciting times.

Step 2: testing.

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