i found a piece of metal with 24 words on it


You open your eyes. A metal plate sits on the table before you. You determine that it has 24 words stamped into by observation and deduction. It is otherwise blank. How long does it take for you to figure out what it is?

Open up Duck Duck Go and search for the phrase:

i found a piece of metal with 24 words on it

(or click here)

This is the first search result:

What is a Recovery Phrase? | Ledger

If your computer would get hacked, the attacker would be able to access your 24 words. – Only keep your recovery phrase on a piece of paper or metal backup. – Only enter your 24 words into a legitimate hardware wallet – never into any computer / smartphone application. Making sure to follow these simple rules will help keep your crypto safe.


Those 24 words are a Bitcoin wallet BIP 39 seed backup.

It takes less than a second to figure out what it is.

Here is the actual call:

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