Sugar – Release 8.2.0

Sugar is the UI portion of the Linux build that runs on the OLPC XO.
It is a radical departure from what we would call “typical” user interfaces in 2008; and it really took some “getting used to it”. With the release of 8.20, it looks like they have made some “user friendly” Sugar and a few other things, too:

It took guts to come up with Sugar, and perhaps even more to make these kinds of changes. As minimal as they seem, they are not insignificant.
Disclaimer: I have not yet tried out this build as my XO is currently out on loan.
(via OLPC News)

One thought on “Sugar – Release 8.2.0”

  1. I just installed this OS on the XO. The end result is that the battery doesn’t charge past 10% and the utilities QuakeTerm does not work.
    Needless to say, a non-charging battery probably isn’t going to help many of us XO users.

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