The Dylan Resource Guide

I started learning more about Dylan by reading the material listed in the Dylan Resource Guide in comp.lang.dylan. It is true what they say; Dylan and Scheme seem to be very similar. When you take into account what Dylan purports to offer, it sounds very interesting!
Here are some links from the resource guide:

  • #dylan on Freenode. Channel logs are supposed to be available here; but were not as of this posting.
  • comp.lang.dylan
  • The Dylan Language Reference Manual: The “DRM” defines the Dylan language and standard library.
  • Dylan Programming: Dylan Programming is a book that teaches how to program in Dylan.
  • Gwydion Dylan: Gwydion Dylan is an open source command-line compiler originally developed by Carnegie Melon University as part of their Gwydion project. It is available on several platforms.
  • Open Dylan: Open Dylan is an open source IDE originally developed by Harlequin and, later, Functional Objects. The IDE is available for Windows, and the compiler is available as a command-line program for other platforms.