Learning Haskell through Category Theory

Benjamin Russell posts on learning Haskell through Category Theory here.
There are a lot of books listed. each with a detailed comment by Ben about the material. It looks interesting for folks who want to learn category theory.

2 thoughts on “Learning Haskell through Category Theory”

  1. Thanks for the reference to my site on your blog, Grant! So, this is where you reside in cyberspace … I had thought that you were a Schemer, so I wasn’t expecting a reference from you to a category theory article.
    I also write about Qi and Refal, in case you’re interested. Stay tuned!

  2. Hi Ben:
    A Schemer I am, but first I am a student of programming.
    What a shame it would be not to learn the other side of the FP coin in languages like ML and Haskell :).
    That said, I still haven’t learned them. As such, your post is a goldmine for folks like me; thank you.

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