Lucida Console Font on Emacs

Folks running Emacs on Windows (like me) might like to set their font to Lucida Console.
Until I find a tool or documentation on how to write X style font lines, I’ve copied some font-lines from other folks websites.

; (set-default-font "-outline-Lucida Console-normal-r-normal-normal-11-82-96-96-c-*-iso8859-1")
; (set-default-font "-*-Lucida Console-normal-r-*-*-11-82-*-*-c-*-*-ansi-")
; (set-default-font "-*-Lucida Console-normal-r-*-*-11-82-*-*-c-*-*-#204-")
; (set-default-font "-outline-Lucida Console-normal-r-normal-normal-12-90-96-96-c-*-iso8859-1")
; (set-default-font "-*-Lucida Console-normal-r-*-*-12-90-*-*-c-*-*-ansi-	")
; (set-default-font "-outline-Lucida Console-normal-r-normal-normal-13-78-120-120-c-*-iso10646-1")
; (set-default-font "-*-Lucida Console-normal-r-*-*-13-97-*-*-c-*-*-ansi-")
; (set-default-font "-*-Lucida Console-normal-r-*-*-14-*-96-96-c-*-iso8859-1")
; (set-default-font "*-Lucida Console-normal-r-*-*-15-*-96-96-c-*-iso8859-1")
; (set-default-font "-*-Lucida Console-normal-r-*-*-16-120-96-96-c-*-iso8859-1")

On Windows XP Pro, the difference in the font-line settings between font-sizes doesn’t seem to make any difference.
References:[email protected]/8995847.html
Addendum 05/30/08:
Here is the answer.

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