Fun in the sun

Here is a great article on how to safely have fun in the sun by minimizing your UV exposure. Perfect for summer and a fun little project.
(via lifehacker)

2 thoughts on “Fun in the sun”

  1. It makes sense to keep the sun off your face (premature aging will be very visible there) but there’s a lot of controversy about “staying out of the sun” these days.
    It’s certainly true that sunlight messes up your skin, and can cause skin cancer. It’s also true that your body makes Vitamin D from being in the sun; there’s reason to believe that Vitamin D protects against cancer and you can find some oncologists who think that for every case of skin cancer prevented by avoid sun exposure you get many more cases of other cases caused by Vitamin D deficiency.

  2. Paul:
    Good point. My interest in the device was driven by my desire to avoid sunburns :).

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