Calling Java Under Cygwin

While trying to set up Clojure under Cygwin I found that doing mixed-mode between Cygwin and Java isn’t very happy due to the ‘;’ vs ‘:’ in the classpath.
This post (via this post) provided an obfuscated Ruby program to take care of that for you… thanks!

# Slightly obfuscated cygwin + windows java wrapper, automate cygpath
cpi = ARGV.index("-cp") + 1
cp = ARGV[cpi] if cpi
XBCP = "-Xbootclasspath/a:"
xbcpi = ARGV.index{|i|i=~/^#{XBCP}.*/}
xbcp = ARGV[xbcpi] if xbcpi
if cp or xbcpi
  def convert_paths(paths)
    paths = paths.gsub(':', ';').split(';'){|p|`cygpath -aw #{p}`.strip}.join ';'
  ARGV[cpi] = convert_paths(cp) if cp
  ARGV[xbcpi] = XBCP + convert_paths(xbcp.sub(XBCP, '')) if xbcp
java = '/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_18/bin/java'
cmd = .concat ARGV
def e(s); "\"#{s.strip.gsub('"','\"')}\""; end
exec({|a|e a}.join(' '))

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