One thought on “The LxTerminal Config file under LXDE in Lubuntu”

  1. Hi,thanks for the comparison which is iiterestnng and as so many peopleput thumbs down for Unity I was pretty sure it would be a memory pig.Your article made me compare memory usage also most iiterestnng forme comparing my old Gnome 2 Ubuntu 10.04 with my new Gnome3 UnityUbuntu 12.04:I have two notebooks with identical hardware (32-bit) one is alreadyrunning 12.04 and the other is my older 10.04 installation. Both haveeverything installed I need on my business laptop.Login without any desktop app running (but e.g. MySQL Server runningwhich I need for testing purposes now and then as I am an ITconsultant and software developer):Ubuntu 10.04 (Gnome 2): 454 MBUbuntu 12.04 (Unity): 309 MBNow this is not really signifficant, because Password manager,Shutter, Dropbox and Skype for example are startet immediately onlogin which results in increased memory usage:Ubuntu 10.04 (Gnome 2): 568 MBUbuntu 12.04 (Unity): 432 MBAnd of course usually Thunderbird and Firefox are the next apps to bestarted (both having several plugins installed and activated). Iwaited a few minutes until I investigated memory usage:Ubuntu 10.04 (Gnome 2): 737 MBUbuntu 12.04 (Unity): 677 MBSurprisingly Unity is consuming less memory (between 60 and 140 MBless) than my older Gnome 2 desktop. So situation is now better thanbefore compare this to a usual major upgrade of Windows whichusually requires a hardware upgrade anyway!I also tried Lubuntu Live CD (134 MB) and Mint Live CD, CinnamonVersion (211 MB) as well as Fedora 17 Live CD (309 MB).Just a side note: I was a Fedora-User in the past but the Gnome 3configuration in Fedora is just crap (Windows usability is better ).If I would ever go back to Fedora than only XFCE-Spin (which I don’thave downloaded yet).Given the fact that I tweak my desktop a lot (less tweaking requiredon 12.04 than on 10.04) most tweaking done inCompizConfigSettingsManager the other alternatives consuming lessmemory do not fit my needs regarding desktop features. So I am prettysatisfied with my new 12.04 installation.In my tests memory usage is pretty everywhere lower than in yourtests. Either updates improved or you were using a 64-bit netbook. 😉

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