devtools for R

devtools: Tools to make developing R code easier

They do and it is better for you to read about them before you need them.

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devtools: Tools to make developing R code easier

Collection of package development tools

That is a bit too terse. Intro to the README follows

The aim of devtools is to make your life as a package developer easier by providing R functions that simplify many common tasks. R packages are actually really simple, and with the right tools it should be easier to use the package structure than not. Package development in R can feel intimidating, but devtools does every thing it can to make it as welcoming as possible. devtools comes with a small guarantee: if because of a bug in devtools a member of R-core gets angry with you, I will send you a handwritten apology note. Just forward me the email and your address, and I’ll get a card in the mail.


Readme. Manual. Github.

At the very least, just know of this package, as you will be installing it if
you want to us tidyr.