Easily browsing the kill-ring

Ever wish you could just look through everything you’ve killed recently to find out if you killed that piece of text that you think you killed, but you’re not quite sure?

I haven’t, but kind of wish I did, because this package looks interesting.
Wondering if my workflow obviates the need for it, or, I’m just “doing it wrong”.

3 thoughts on “Easily browsing the kill-ring”

  1. I’ll add a vote in favour of that package (and what it allows you to do), I used it for years. Very handy.
    I’ve recently switched to helm, which subsumes that bit of behaviour (along with a lot else).

  2. Same here. I used that `browse-kill-ring’ for a whlie too but now with helm, I’m only using `helm-show-kill-ring’. Even bound it to `M-y’.

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