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  • About
    • org-scraps is a collection of Org-Mode demonstrations published by Eric Schulte. All of my experience with Org-Mode Literate Programming is working on my Emacs configuration for Literate Programming. Wanting to address my limited experience I am working through each example in org-scraps. Org-Scraps is weaved to HTML files published here.
  • Approach
    • Evaluate each example.
    • Verify identical result.
    • Update notes on approach.
    • After every reconfiguration re-evaluate DONE examples to verify identical result.
    • Scraps are under-documented. Important ideas are explored often without explicit mention. Sometimes it is obvious; other times not.
  • simple short R block
    • “value table org replace” is probably the best :results configuration for source blocks. Replace table with scalar for in-line source blocks.
  • two blocks and a table
    • Programmatically create tables with org-sbe and #+TBLFM.
  • a table with tags
    • Special blocks like TBLNAME are taggable, for example with :noexport:.
  • shell script output not in table
    • Evaluating a sh SB generates a table with the captured output from echo, with 1 row for each call.
    • Scalar output demands replaceable formatting.
  • space around exported code blocks
    • org-babel-remove-result works no matter where the RESULT block is located. It doesn’t have to immediately follow the Source-Block.
  • scheme sessions
    • ob-scheme allows two sessions with the same name when they were started with different interpreters.

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