macOS Printer System Reset

When I try to print under macOS, the job claims to go to the printers, yet the printer never prints it. After I waited for two minutes, the job still needed to be completed; therefore, I canceled the job. Attempt to rather. The job doesn’t cancel, so I kill the task of printing from the app I’m attempting to use. I still need to print, and this is at the worst time possible.

After that, I diagnose everything: reboot the computer, reboot the printer, reset the printer, reconnect the printer to the network, and add and remove the printer from this Mac. Nothing fixes it.

I ended up on a web page that explains how to reset the macOS Printer System. It’s simple:

  • System Preferences
  • Printers & Scanners
  • If you see a lock in the lower left corner that says, “Click the lock to make changes.”
  • Then do what it says
  • Push and hold the Option Key
  • Right-click in the area under “Printers”
  • Choose “Reset printing system…”
  • Now your printer is missing from the list
  • Add your printer again

When I tried printing again, it worked for about four times.

Then, I had to repeat the task, which worked and still works five times so far.

That is far beyond good enough!

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