Move and resize windows on MS Windows

ms-window-move-resize-info is a project to provide both the libraries and helper programs to do three things:

  1. Get information about the windows on your MS Windows desktop.
  2. Move windows on your MS Windows desktop.
  3. Resize windows on your MS Windows desktop.

I wanted to do these three things for two reasons: to lay out windows precisely on large monitors and to force windows to a suitable size for use in screencasts. Surprisingly, no programs exist (as yet) in a “ready to use” form to quickly and easily do these three things. (To be specific, no programs that weren’t “fishy”, “unfinished”, or incomplete. Believe you me, I like coding, but I would rather play guitar!)

Here is the link

Update: 12/17/07 I just uploaded a new release that only displays information on windows that appear in the taskbar. Also the window text is no longer tweaked, it appears just as it does in the taskbar.

Interesting note: when you maximize a window, you are really setting its location to (-4, -4) and adjusting the width and height by adding 8 to your screen width and screen height to “shave” off the (default) window borders.

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