(Go Lang) GBEN: Hello World

Go by Example: Hello World


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Go has first class Unicode support. What do upper-case and lower-case mean when there is no such thing for the character? Does it fail with an error or not? How do you compare the size or length of Unicode characters?

fmt.Println("🐃 Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo ")
🐃 Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo


(Go Lang) Go by Example Notes (GBEN) Emacs Setup


Go by Example is Mark McGranaghan‘s “hands-on introduction to Go using annotated example programs”. Under the license I’m going to

  • Convert all of the examples to Org-Mode Literate Programming documents
  • Add, remove and modify them making it my personal notebook
  • Add the tag GBEN to track them
  • Refer to this post to provide attribution


ID: org_gcr_2017-08-08_mara:C327B697-D6B7-42BA-B0D3-0C8613CBB58E

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(Go Lang) The Go Developers Almanac

Go is a very enticing language. Not having taken more than a light jump into it, it has all the brevity of what I remember as a student learning C combined with the modern library support of Python today. Wanting to find the Go equivalent of The Java Developers Almanac, I ended up at socketloop.com. It has short and sweet articles, just like the language, and just like the author.