Bought a helmet

After a good bit of research I decided to go with a Shoei RF1100. After a few hundred miles I’ve found it to be really nice; comfortable, a lot of air goes through it, and it doesn’t squeal when you are sitting behind a windshield like a couple of reviews that I had read suggested.
Perhaps the most bothersome discovery is the ridge on the top of my head that is going to force me to purchase some extra padding or something to level out the top of the helmet so it quits giving me a headache!

One “funny” thing I found in the owner’s manual was a warning that if you purchase the Matte Black helmet then you need to be extra, extra-careful about protecting its finish. Great!

Motorcycling Enterprises’ Safe Rider Course

Not having ridden for 12 years or so, I thought it would be good to get back in the saddle again with some off-street street-time and re-learning of good safety habits already under my belt. Luckily for me a slot opened up in Motorcycling Enterprises’ Safe Rider Course. It was a lot of fun.
The teachers provided excellent in-classroom and on-the-track training; balancing good exercises with 1-on-1 attention that made a big difference in how quickly you acquired the skill(s).
Unfortunately for others I’m sad to see that they are retiring this year. While there are plenty of MSF certified classes out there, I’m still hoping that their trainers decide to take over their business.