Loctite Your One-Quarter Inch Audio Cables

Some of our audio cables were lost in the move. Bought some nice replacements and just like the old ones the end capes were loose and nearly falling off. Didn’t really like it the last time and unsure why I didn’t permanently fix it last time, but blue Loctite should be just fine.
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An Odd Honda Hat

Searching for a Honda Racing ball-cap has been unusually difficult with most vendors happy to take orders but none able to fulfill them. Narrowed it down to 4 caps and in the end only 1 of them was ship-able.
This Fox Racing “FlexFit” (brand) is only available in S/M or L/XL. The hat is quite high, assumed that is to accommodate all sizes for the range. My melon just barely fits in the thing, but for the price of shipping it isn’t worth returning it and in a jam it will do.
It is hard to tell whether or not it is really made of 98% cotton because it has a strange look unlike any piece of cotton I’ve ever seen. The red isn’t really “Honda Red”, either, it is more like a poinsettia you might see during the holidays, and not like a fire-engine.
Given that there are seemingly literally no other Honda Racing ball-caps for sale, it is by definition the best option. However, I will keep my eye out for something better.
Here are some pictures for your study:
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Gerbings Heated Coat Liner and Gloves

Last year I bought a Gerbings heated coat liner and T5 gloves. They work great. I’m afraid to turn them past 50% because they get so hot and do it so quickly. This is a good thing, that is their job.
The only mistake I made was to keep the slightly-too-small liner. If you order one, take advantage of their generous exchange policy until you get the right fit.

My old leather coat

While waiting for the Roadcrafter suit to arrive; I decided to get my old leather coat out of storage. Purchased at the flea market in Orange County, CA sometime in the mid-nineties, I’d somehow managed never to wear it. While some may lament the 90’s shoulder-pad styling, it is hard not to like the southwestern influenced design.
Thus far it has been pretty comfortable, the leather seems sturdy, and you know… I don’t mind the smitten looks that I receive while wearing it one bit ;).