You Will Love Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour


[it] was created, is produced, and hosted by folksinger Michael Johnathon. The WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour is an all volunteer run, Non Profit Organization, and is a worldwide multimedia celebration of grassroots music filmed in front of a live audience. WoodSongs is not a concert, but a one-hour musical conversation focusing on the artists and their music.

It will remind you that we all want to express something creative, and sometimes it is with music.

Algorithmic Music via FORTH

In the comments of this post a commentor named b0b (sic) mentioned “algorithmic music”. I emailed him and he shared more information about it. That led to reading his bio that provides information both about the author and the composition.

b0b created music playing automatons each with the limitations that humans have. The whole thing is quite an expression of creativity!

You can listen to the record on the site and also purchase a cassette tape.
better, the FORTH source code is available here!

Seems like a fine excuse to learn more about the Atari ST and ForthMacs!

Musical indigestion

Ever get a song stuck in your head that just won’t get out of it? Ever suffer the frustration that comes with it?
We all have. Just like when our stomaches haven’t been given the right thing to help them to digest what we eat, when we fail to give our mind the right kind of attention then it can’t do its job digesting music, either.
The solution is simple: grab a copy of the song and the lyrics for it, find the right page, hit play, and start singing along from start to finish with total concentration on the song and its lyrics.
Your mind will be very happy that you did the right thing for it, and so will you.

Setting Up a Line6 POD XT on Windows 7

Whether not you play guitar, or do custom software development, you ought to pay homage and respect to Line6 for supporting their gear for years and years after the release date with excellent software drivers and tools. Surely their excellent long-term gear support and quality eats into their profits a bit, but they create life-own Line6 fans with nearly every purchase.

My reason for posting here is that setting up my old POD XT on Windows 7 required accepting just a couple of oddities, and then everything worked fine, and I can’t be the only one facing this. Here is how I did it in order.

Ran [Line 6 Drivers v4.2.7.1 Installer].exe with PODxt support. This was a battle because the POD wasn’t getting detected. Finally I remembered that I had always used the front USB port, not the back. Plugged it in there and the installer detected it just fine. This was major blocker until I remembered that (my fault).

Ran [Line 6 License Manager v1.07 Installer].exe.

Ran [Line 6 Monkey v1.65 Installer].exe.

Ran [Line 6 Edit v3.06.0 Installer].exe.

At my preference, I reinstalled the firmware and patches, because I forgot what was even on there and why.

Bought the Bass Expansion pack. Downloaded the PDFs for it to make sense of what is on there. Line6 Money will install the plugin and that worked flawlessly. The only oddities were two things. The first was that the new amp models for the bass didn’t show up. Literally amps #79 to #104 were gone. Rebooting the POD fixed this. The second was that in Line6 Edit, when you go to edit the amps, the tool complains that I don’t have support for those amps. Not sure what to do but things seem to work fine.

That is my story.