Generic Bass Setup ESP LTD D4

My generic beginners bass setup (I’m the beginner) was to set up the Line 6 PODxt with the bass pack, buy a 9v battery for the active pickup, buy some 1/4″ audio cables that went missing, apply blue Loctite to them because the end caps always loosen off but still need to be removable with force, got new Cleartone medium strings, got the antique brass LOXX strap locks, set up the Comfort Strap Pro Bass Extra Long, put together a pick sampler for the fun of it, got a stand for it, added a Wedgie pick holder, got non-abrasive cleaning clothes for wiping it down, lubricant for the bridge parts, lemon oil for the fingerboard, a headphone adapter 1/4″ to 3.55mm (typical headphone jack) cable, read the owners manual, bought some books, found that no ESP case fits that guitar, and finall ywill have Wade’s set it up and try to find a hard case.