Emacs Keyboard Design 34: Grid Layout Revisited

The latest iteration places space and return well and the modifiers are all present and easily reached. How would it look in a grid layout?

  • Start with design 33
  • Left-align the rows on 1, Q, A, Z
  • Keep F-space and J-space aligned
  • Make shift 1x
  • Add a gap after G to put halves as far apart as possible
    • Only 2 rows available, not enough for a gap, put it back
  • Move PgUp and PgDn above right arrow
    • Use them together frequently
  • Insert and Delete are stacked right of Back Space
    • Logically close
  • Home and End right of Fn
  • Between Shift and PgUp and Below Fn there are 3 places open so move in there
    • PrSc
    • Scroll Lock
    • Pause Break
    • Last 2 are debatable
    • Want to fill space and layers would be ugly here
  • Added separator after 5
    • Original thought was to make them separable
    • Also have no obvious need for that column
    • Left I and II on each side to encourage using both hands
  • Added re-legendable keys as “Ghosted”
    • Screenflow is the first candidate
    • Everything else is easy to do in Emacs
  • PauseBreak and ScrollLock might not need to be there
  • A Mouse layer might be nice, but then again, no


3 thoughts on “Emacs Keyboard Design 34: Grid Layout Revisited”

  1. It looks like the typematrix. When using it as 106 keys keyboard you can remap the two new Japanese key to control and hyper to put them in some better place.

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