My Favorite Brain Foods And Supplements

Supplement Servings/Size Properties In Food
DHA (vegan) or DHA & EPA (non-vegan non-vegetarian) Once Brain health, protection and repair  
Folic Acid Once Anti-depressant  
Ginger Twice Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative  
Inositol Once (1200mg) Anti-depressant, Anti-anxiety  
Magnesium Once Brain biochemistry, neuronal membrane fluidity for mental health Maple, syrup, nuts, raw baby spinach
Phosphatidyl Serine Once Neurotransmitters and optimal function  
Selenium Once (Two Whole Nuts) Whole body operational health Brazil Nuts
Seratonin Hourly Anti-depressant 50% Black Tea / 50% Whole Cow Milk, Sugar. Whole grain.
Turmeric Twice Anti-Everything  
Vitamin B Complex Once (100mg) Whole body operational health Chicken Eggs. Enriched Cereals
Vitamin D3 Once Bright shining minds  

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