Chapter 8. The Illustrator User Interface 5:28

  • All about the user interface
  • Menubar: Pulldown menus
    • Click-and-do
  • Top
    • Bridge management
    • Arrange files differently
    • Workspaces: Pre-set screen configurations of Panels
  • Below-Top: Options Bar, for what you are doing
    • Configuration for the tool that you are using
    • Options bar: Possible things that can be on the bar
  • Left: Tools
    • Hover over a tool to get a popup with the keyboard shortcut for the tool
    • Arrow on lower right corners means that there is more to do
      • Access via
        • Click and hold
        • Option-Click cycles through the options
      • Can rip that off into its own menu to be positioned anywhere
  • Objects are composed of fills and strokes, that is the box and donut
  • Screen modes controls full-screen-ness
  • Panels
    • Pre-configured via Workspace
    • On the right side
  • Bottom: Artboard
    • Select them
    • Shows type tool
    • Customizable by clicking on arrow in the bar for each section

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