Chapter 16. Object Control With Grids And Guides 10:59

  • Option-Drag an object to create a copy
  • Grid
    • Configure line separation in pixels
    • Can snap to them
  • Guides
    • Use Rulers
    • Command R
    • Click-and-Drag from a ruler pulls out a guide
    • They are objects that you can delete
    • Shift-Options changes orientation of guide
    • Are guides for lining up symbols per keycap?
    • Can put them all in one layer
    • Can turn objects into guides
    • Strategy: Easily split objects using a guide
      • Drag down a guide
      • Position it
      • Turn the guide into a line via Release Guide
      • Keep the object selected
      • Object → Path → Divide Objects Below
      • Creates two new objects
      • Easily cut via any guide anywhere
    • Guides are more than aligning
      • Cutting
      • Maneuvering
      • Angling
  • Right click just about anything to find out what you can do with it
    • Sometimes stuff in lecture isn’t there in current AI

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