Chapter 20. Hiding And Locking Illustrator Objects 3:12

  • Teacher
    • Great sound
    • Uses examples and repetition
    • Combination of casual conversation light-heartedness and serious philosophy about workflow and cognitive space
  • Goal: Only work on the butterfly
    • Accidentally select something else, move the wrong thing, undo it
    • Instead lock the background to avoid the accident
  • Approaches
    • Background is in a group, so select it, and lock it
    • You can manipulate every other object
    • Unlock when done
  • Easier way
    • Everything is in one layer right now, wrong approach, should use separate layers
    • In this example you open the layer and lock the individual groups
    • Can also hide them
    • Show and hide layers and groups
    • Even though you have everything in one layer, you can still do what you want in your workflow

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