Chapter 57. Controlling Paths With Anchors 6:25

  • Anchors are connected by Paths which hold Strokes
  • Anchors control the path
  • When the Pen tool has an asterisk next to it, it is telling that you are creating a new shape. You are not connecting it to anything. It is bran new.
  • When you hover an Pen that is creating Anchors over another Anchor and an open circle appears it means that you are going to “close the object”
  • How to create an open shape: A straight line for example
    • Couple ways
    • Go pick up another tool and switch back, never do this
    • Click to drop first Anchor, then second Anchor, then hit enter
  • If you Click-And-Drag to drop an Anchor, you can make non-straight lines
  • If you select the Direct Selection Tool and hover over an Anchor, it makes the anchor really big
    • Drag the Anchors around to reshape the object
    • Select as many anchors that you want
    • Bendy lines get reshaped too

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