Chapter 59. Using Join And Average On Open Paths 5:57

  • Simple shapes can be made into complex objects
  • Andy started with AI in ’87
    • Was already in natural media industry all his life
    • Wanted to get into new computer media
    • First attempts were frustrating but learned that
      • Practice makes perfect
      • You don’t have to draw the Mona Lisa
        • Instead draw simple shapes that can be made into the Mona Lisa
  • Double-Clicking the hand tool, not the zoom tool, returns the zoom to 100%
  • You can weld two Anchor points
    • Only two
    • This is Marqueeing that area
    • Use the Direct Selection Tool A
    • Be sure you only got two
  • Sometimes you want to consider the curvature of the two lines
    • This is the Average operation
    • Both is cool
    • Join helps, too
  • Easily make complex shapes out of simple objects

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