Chapter 83. The Character And Paragraph Panels 9:02

  • Always show options
    • Access in a panel the more thing and you see everything
    • Do this for all Typography stuff
  • Suitcase lets you only show fonts that you are working with per app
    • Helpful because in my keycaps I only use a few
    • $120USD
    • RightFont seems to do the same thing for $50USD
    • Emailed both to see if they have the right tool for what I want
  • What style should I use for the keycaps?
    • Is Bold easier to read?
  • Leading is the amount of the space between lines of text
  • New reading size for fonts is 11
  • Kearning is the space between individual letters V/A<-
  • Tracking is the spae between whole words <-VA->
  • T: Vertical scale
  • T: Horizontal scale
  • Baseline shift: raise up the word higher or lower
    • Super and subscript?
    • There is a setting for that
  • Rotate character
    • Thinking of rotating the Ekeman faces
    • Thinking of rotating the Emacs meta keys to make them clearly something new
  • Small bold and everything
  • Paragraph settings
    • Just have to be in the paragraph to change its attributes
  • Styles let you automate all of the customization that you made in one paragraph so you can do the same thing to another

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