Chapter 88. Converting Type To Outlines 6:28

  • When you convert text to outline you lose control of it as a font but gain more features
  • Envelope Distort
    • V
    • Select Text
    • Option-Shift-Command-W
    • Preview On
  • Now that you converted the text to an outline and modified it with envelope distort you can’t modify it as text but you can modify it using the envelope distort tool itself
    • Object → Envelope Distort → Edit Contents
    • Envelope Release shows you the mask because it separates the path and the Text
    • Say you can’t print to a four color press so you select the object and Expand it. Now as press can handle it. Is this an issue for keycaps?
      • Now it is no longer text, can’t fix any of it.
  • Type → Create Outlines : Turns anything into an outline
  • You can do a lot of things on text without converting it to an outline
    • But if you are going to press you gotta convert it to outline

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