Chapter 101. Managing Layer Panel Options 10:23

  • Isolation mode will be useful for working with individual keyboard-layers while still being able to see how things look overall
  • Double-click on an object to go into isolation mode automatically
    • Use that back arrow in the top-middle thing
    • Exit by double-clicking on the artboard
  • Select an object with the Direct Selection tool and search for it in a layer and it will list all instances it can find
  • Merge selection layers
  • Flatten every layer into a single layer
  • Select N things and collect in a new layer
  • Release to layers
    • Sequence: NA
    • Build: NA
  • Make the layer a template
  • Option-Show/Hide will hide/show everything but that layer
  • Out line others: WOW
    • Option-command click to do it too
    • Preview all layers to show them again
  • Lock Others
    • Option-Click
  • Paste Remembers Layers: Neat
  • There are general options for the layer panel itself
    • Show Layers Only
    • Make layers big
    • Do I need sub-layers shown?

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