Yoga Pants That Men Will Actually Wear

Men like wearing blue jeans or dress slacks. I do. Do they have them for Hatha Yoga? Probably not. I couldn’t find any. I found the next best thing: Thai Fisherman Pants.

Do Thai fisherman really wear these or not. It doesn’t matter because they work. They work fine for me. I can do Hatha in them. My test subjects: these and these. Not the worlds thickest material but it is still cotton and you can’t see through any of the areas that count. Good for you and everyone else in class.

Are they the same as the $100USD version? Probably not but I don’t care. I’ll worry about that later. You probably can too.

They cost less than $20USD. You don’t have to make any stressful commitments because you spent tons of money on your Yoga clothes. Why wait?

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