What To Do

Some things worth doing.

  • Love encouragement inspiration medical help fellowship
    • to grow and understand
  • Shoulder to cry on and consoling up
    • And how this is what happened
    • And what next
  • Educational and/or entertaining
    • Everything that happens in life
  • Sympathy is not our duty
  • Blame game, why did this have to happen
    • Blocks learning
  • Can connect the dots so as not to repeat that experience
  • All problems are memories
    • You are comparing this to that
    • It is a comparison
  • Everything now is an event
  • When it becomes a problem
    • Gets power
    • Gets draining
  • Triage
    • Resolve it best I can
    • Ask for/get help
    • Move on
  • A Problem is always a comparison
  • We are the only ones that can help ourselves
    • Fellowship of people with same goals are the only thing
    • Sincere self effort
    • Online, in books, in person, friends, family
    • Self effort and discipline is not the domain of the therapist

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