(Emacs+Org-Mode) abo-abo's Hydra Makes You A Lightweight-Literate Programmer Hyper Boosting Your Productivity With About Ten Of Minutes Effort For Learning It

abo-abo’s Hydra functionality has changed both my learning and Emacs workflow. If you give it a chance with my workflow below you will get even more power-user type stuff out of it.

The Emacs workflow part is easy: it introduces a new logical namespace for function calls and brings a nice GUI along for the ride.

The learning workflow is that while I am learning a new package (or anything) I can stick everything that seems important into a Hydra for that mode. Instead of writing notes or worrying about settings keybindings for things that I may or may not use I just put it in the Hydra and keep reading along. The Hydra becomes the notebook. It is like super lightweight literate programming because it becomes executable documentation.