What Would You Have Said?

On my last project we had a lot of meetings that included “fluff”. This is not unique, especially in IT. What was different, though, was that every lead developer was expected to perform three-letter-acronym loaded monologues, nearly on a daily basis. On one particular afternoon I felt like I had really gone overboard. While the subject matter gave me little leeway in the speech that I could craft; I still I could barely believe what I had said, and wondered if anyone else felt the same way. I decided to ask one of my friends in the same meeting what he thought, over IM. Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: did you think that was absurd what I said?
Him: sorry, but kind of 🙂
Me: OK
Me: what would you have said?
Him: same thing 😀
Me: (rofl) I KNEW IT

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