Racket on Racket?

There is a precedent for hosting other languages on top of Racket by compiling their syntax down to Racket. What got me thinking other languages on Racket was Shriram’s P4P article, and also to some degree a discussion surrounding Gambit’s SIX. It got me wondering…
Would PLT have anything to gain from providing a non-parenthesized language created specifically for Racket? What I mean is take Racket, remove the stuff too hard to do without parens, and offer that up as an “official” Racket language. This is not the same as implementing Java on Racket.
How difficult would it be to “come up with” such a language? I’m totally ignorant regarding language design. Would it be interesting… or boring and a waste of time?

6 thoughts on “Racket on Racket?”

  1. Anon:
    The documentation says that “The Honu language currently exists only as a undocumented prototype.”.
    Jon supports it but, but Honu seems… way past cutting edge.

  2. I really like python’s use of whitespace to delimit blocks. I’d be curious to know if this is possible with Racket ? The nice thing with SIX is that you can mix regular Scheme syntax too (and define macros)

  3. Zorg:
    I don’t know the answer to that. Racket-users would be the right place to find out.

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