A Slow Study Group for ML

I’m going to work through
The reason is that I’ve never learned a statically typed functional programming language, I feel weak on recursive data type definitions, and I am curious about compiler and interpreter construction. So, I’m looking for a way to learn about all 3 at once.
Why ML?

  1. Proven, excellent pedagogical language with great resources.
  2. Smaller than OCaml, F#, and Haskell; so I won’t get distracted with tons of “stuff”
  3. Puts me in a good position if I wanted to use it “for real” that OCaml, F#, Haskell, or even Scala and some other ML in Java languages would be a good follow up path in terms of leveraging the investment.

Basically when I sit down to learn the basics of anything from #2 I feel like they assume you know the basics of ML, and well, I don’t!
Let me know if you want to review problems together.

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  1. I can strongly recommend “Elements of ML Programming” by Ullman. It’s very clear, very well written, and (best of all) has a ton of examples and exercises.

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